Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Convert A Cowl to A Hat

Tie it up top-its a hat, tie it down low-it's a cowl!

The popular cowl/hat combo is the perfect accessory for this year! Made in a beautiful textured stitch that creates a soft fold to the hat/cowl. Simply tie the pom drawstrings together to make it a slouchy hat, untie them and pull it over your head for a fun cowl. The pattern comes in sizes for child, teen/ladies, adult/men's. 
Get your copy of the Covert a Cowl on:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Schools Started...Now What?

Summer is gone in a blink of an eye and the kids are headed off to school today. My youngest is starting first grade this year which means all 3 kids are gone most of the day. Now comes the question everyone asks all of us Stay-at-home-moms, "are you going back to work?"

My answer has always been, "absolutely not!"
I am excited for school to start but it isn't because I will get a quiet house for 8 hours a day so I can stay at home and lay on the couch, drink cocktails and watch all the HGTV I can handle. I will miss those 3 crazy kids and all their snuggles, laughter, energy and yes even their sibling fights.

What ever will I do? I am looking forward to utilizing my time in a positive way. Yes, I plan to visit the gym on a regular basis, volunteer at the school, hopefully keep my home more organized and clean and have the chance to run errands in a not so rushed manner. But, more exciting I hope to focus more quality time on my crochet venture. I love the creative outlet and challenges that designing patterns brings. But, I also enjoy the charitable opportunities it has opened up for me.

I recently became a volunteer for Feel Better Friends. FBF is an organization that makes handmade crochet dolls for children in need, many of which are battling cancer or other illnesses. These dolls are custom made with the child's likeness in mind, matching eyes, hair and replicating their favorite outfits. There are over 500 volunteers world wide. If you are interested in joining  as a volunteer or know someone you would like to request a doll for please read more about it on their website. Here is the sample doll I completed for Demitri, I am so excited for him to receive it.

Last August I lost an uncle to cancer. Although there had been a lot of time since I saw him on a regular basis he was a wonderful man that I will always remember smiling and bringing joy everywhere, he had a laugh that was contagious.  In honor of my Uncle Jeff I ran a Cancer Hat Drive in his honor. I was amazed at the response and enthusiasm and was able to have over 2,000 hats donated to cancer patience in his honor. I hope to continue this Cancer Hat Drive every Year (scheduled for October 2015). 

For the last 3 years I have been a contributor in the 12 Days of Christmas Charity Challenge that is organized by Sunset Crochet. This is a challenge to make 12 hats in 12 days to be donated to a NICU. There are 12 designers that giveaway free patterns that can be used to make these hats. Record numbers poured in last year with 4,249 hats pledged. I hope we can top that number this year. 

In reviewing the last 12 months, with the help of the crochet communities pooled efforts, we have donated over 6,000 hats to charities. My goal is over the next 12 months to see if we can donate over 10,000. I know it is a lofty goal, but I am willing to give it a shot! Stay tuned for your chance to help me reach my goal.

So, that is how I plan to spend all that extra time I will have on my hands!
Cheers to a new school year!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy Pattern

I am so excited to have the Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy Pattern ready! Just in time for all those tail gating parties, early morning soccer games and fall camping trips!

The Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy is a fun and unique design. The Perfect gift for so many, I mean seriously, who wouldn't want one of these! The pattern includes many photo's to help walk you through the construction of both the mitten cozy and the traditional mitten. The mitten cozy does have a bottom on the cozy so it helps hold the can or cup in the cozy while your hand wraps around it as well. The pattern has adult sizing: small, medium, large and extra large.

Grab your copy of the Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Elephant Stuffy Pattern Release

Last year I designed a set of fun stuffy animals with the intent of newborn photographers in mind, but they are being made by so many and are made for everyone! I designed a teddy bear, fox and bunny. They were so successful and I have received so many wonderful comments about them I have thought about extending the line of stuffies. So when I received a message about how to alter the bunny into an elephant I ran with the idea. 

Look at how cute he turned out! 
This little guy stands at about 6 1/2" tall and is slightly stockier than my other stuffies.
Grab your copy on:

Now how about make this into a darling set and add a matching hat, oh that would be too cute!

The Elephant Earflap Hat can be ordered on:

And here are the other animal stuffies I mentioned earlier. 
I hope you enjoy each and everyone of them.

The animal stuffies pattern can be ordered on:

Here are some amazing pictures of these little stuffies in use. All the images below are from the very talented Christy Mitchell Photography.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Adding Crochet To a Plain Cowboy / Cowgirl Hat

It's Rodeo time and my kids are going crazy trying to find the perfect accessories to wear. My boys have cowboy hats so that was easy but my daughter didn't want their old ones because they were boring. So, it was time for MOM to step in and fix that!

Like most girls she is obsessed with pink so we immediately turned to my yarn stash to make her boring hat into a cowgirl princess hat.

For the band I wanted a twisted braid in a colorful yarn. I searched through my stash and decided on Lang Yarns Estio. It is colorful and my daughter loved the bright colors. I used a simple tutorial for a cabled bracelet and just made it longer to reach the circumference of my hat, the tutorial by A la Sascha can be found here. Once the band was made, I stitched the ends together and placed it on the hat.


Cute, but not cutesty enough for my little princess!
The next request was a flower. She of course wanted it to be in pink and then last minute decided on a bright turquoise with a pink center. I found this fun crocodile stitch flower tutorial that worked up quick and easy by Bonita Patterns.

Of course after fixing my daughters hat up my oldest son asked if I could make him a new band. His style is a bit more simple, he just wanted a dark brown band. I have always wanted to try crocheting an icord so searched utube and found a great tutorial here. It was simple but just enough to make him really excited about his new look.


I hope you enjoyed these links and found some fun ways to use them for a project you may have in mind. I would love to see what you do with them so post a link in the comments below or post them to my facebook page.

Knot Knit Beanie - Crochet Pattern

As a long time crocheter, I have always admired knit garments. I love the woven look to them and even tried to learn to knit. I just found it hard to use two needles and the time I spent on the small project was not very productive. But, I still love and admire those knit projects.

But now I can enjoy making a crochet pattern that looks knit!
Yes, you read that right. Through many internet searches I kept seeing an image of a vintage stitch that looked woven. After trying to figure the stitch out I finally got it and had to use the stitch on a hat and I was so excited with the end result.

The pattern has sizing from Newborn up to Adult and has instructions to make them with the double stripes or to make it in a solid color. 

Grab your copy of the pattern in any of my shops:

I did include a photo tutorial of the stitch.
While my testers were reviewing the pattern one of them mentioned that they had viewed a great video of the stitch, see below (they used a different name for the stitch but it is worked the same way). I hope you find this helpful. 

Enjoy the pattern and make sure to follow me on facebook so you don't miss any new pattern releases or promotions.