Friday, July 17, 2015

Adding Crochet To a Plain Cowboy / Cowgirl Hat

It's Rodeo time and my kids are going crazy trying to find the perfect accessories to wear. My boys have cowboy hats so that was easy but my daughter didn't want their old ones because they were boring. So, it was time for MOM to step in and fix that!

Like most girls she is obsessed with pink so we immediately turned to my yarn stash to make her boring hat into a cowgirl princess hat.

For the band I wanted a twisted braid in a colorful yarn. I searched through my stash and decided on Lang Yarns Estio. It is colorful and my daughter loved the bright colors. I used a simple tutorial for a cabled bracelet and just made it longer to reach the circumference of my hat, the tutorial by A la Sascha can be found here. Once the band was made, I stitched the ends together and placed it on the hat.


Cute, but not cutesty enough for my little princess!
The next request was a flower. She of course wanted it to be in pink and then last minute decided on a bright turquoise with a pink center. I found this fun crocodile stitch flower tutorial that worked up quick and easy by Bonita Patterns.

Of course after fixing my daughters hat up my oldest son asked if I could make him a new band. His style is a bit more simple, he just wanted a dark brown band. I have always wanted to try crocheting an icord so searched utube and found a great tutorial here. It was simple but just enough to make him really excited about his new look.


I hope you enjoyed these links and found some fun ways to use them for a project you may have in mind. I would love to see what you do with them so post a link in the comments below or post them to my facebook page.

Knot Knit Beanie - Crochet Pattern

As a long time crocheter, I have always admired knit garments. I love the woven look to them and even tried to learn to knit. I just found it hard to use two needles and the time I spent on the small project was not very productive. But, I still love and admire those knit projects.

But now I can enjoy making a crochet pattern that looks knit!
Yes, you read that right. Through many internet searches I kept seeing an image of a vintage stitch that looked woven. After trying to figure the stitch out I finally got it and had to use the stitch on a hat and I was so excited with the end result.

The pattern has sizing from Newborn up to Adult and has instructions to make them with the double stripes or to make it in a solid color. 

Grab your copy of the pattern in any of my shops:

I did include a photo tutorial of the stitch.
While my testers were reviewing the pattern one of them mentioned that they had viewed a great video of the stitch, see below (they used a different name for the stitch but it is worked the same way). I hope you find this helpful. 

Enjoy the pattern and make sure to follow me on facebook so you don't miss any new pattern releases or promotions.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Serenity Yoga / Beach Tote Pattern

As most of you know I was honored to be a competitor in the Battle of the Stitches Round 6.
I haven't competed as a designer before and this was very fun and yes, very challenging.

As a competitor in Battle of the Stitches, all designers have about 4 weeks to design a pattern based off of a theme and stitch. The pattern must be designed, tested and photographed with deadlines along the way. 

The theme for round 6 was reveled, SERENITY!
So excited to hear the theme, but I couldn't even begin to decide on a pattern to design until I knew the stitch. This was where my thoughts went when I hear "serenity". I took this picture on a recent hike I took with my family. It is in the Payette National Forest in Central Idaho. 

A few days later the stitch was released. I was surprised to hear that it was called, SERENITY, as well. The Serenity stitch is basically a picot, cluster, picot repeat. We were shown this as a sample.

Now, I was ready for the design frenzy that was going on through my head. I had about 4 or 5 designs and really struggled on settling on one. However, in the end, my thoughts about serenity was always,
Quiet, Meditative, Nature, 

So the SERENITY Yoga Mat Tote it is!
You can get your copy in these shops: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy 

I had so much fun designing this tote. It is something different than my typical design style. I really tried to push my level of creativity and loved seeing the bottom of the bag change with each row. I used Premier Yarns Cotton and loved working with this yarn. It will wear nicely and wash up great!

I made the bottom of the tote fun and colorful, as the bottom turns the corner it is solid for a more stable base to the tote and allows the yoga mat to easily sit at the bottom. About 4" from the base you get to see the beauty of the serenity stitch begin and show off the delicateness of the stitch repeats. 

After adding a shoulder strap and a drawstring closure the tote is done! 


But, not everyone is into yoga. I want everyone to be able to make this toe because it is so much fun! So, I included instructions to make the tote smaller and it will work perfect for a day at the beach. The photo's below are courtesy of Nondas from Yarn Medleys from the Heart.


Kendal, from Kendal's Kreations, also made a beautiful full sized Yoga Tote.


And one more fabulous sample is by Gillian from Enfy's Creations.

I hope you like the my design and find some inspiration to give it a try. 
You can see the other designs for Round 6 of Battle of the Stitches using the serenity stitch and find their patterns by click the image below:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Giveaway Time!

It's been awhile since I hosted a giveaway!
This one will be quick so make sure to enter right away!

Take a peak and decide which 5 you would like the most here

Entering is quick and easy. Visit Sweet Potato 3 Patterns on facebook and tell me which pattern is your favorite, 
then come back and leave a comment with 
what you would like to see me design next!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon Pattern Release

Are you searching for a fun and new baby item? Well, here it is...

The Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon!

An adorable hooded cocoon made in a luxurious wave stitch (see close up in last image) makes this a must have pattern for baby! What a fun and one of a kind gift this would be. 

The hooded cocoon is more of a sleeping bag than a tight cocoon that can be difficult to squeeze the baby into. It buttons on both sides to allow for easy placement in and/or out. The edge of the cocoon, just below the chin, features a rolled edge look that is simple but clean looking. The hood features a ribbed edging to give it a cozy look around the babies face. This cocoon is made as one piece and the pattern includes sizes 0-3 month, 3-6 month, and 6-12 month.

You can get your copy on: Ravelry or Craftsy

Check out a close up of the beautiful wave stitch:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Animal Stuffy Set - Pattern Release

You have all seen the adorable bonnet/stuffy sets out there. I have even released a few. But each time I do someone asks for just the stuffy pattern. So here goes!

Grab your copy on Ravelry / Craftsy / Etsy

The stuffy pattern includes the Teddy Bear, Fox and Bunny Stuffies. They are about 7 inches tall, the bunny does measure 8 inches when including the tall ears. These are adorable to add to a newborn gift with a blanket, bottle or jumper set. The stuffies will also fit nicely in a Christmas stocking or Easter basket.

I hope you enjoy the pattern set. 
If you are interested in the bonnet/stuffy set patterns check out my etsy shops.